Gold Coast Users Group

The Gold Coast User Group (GCUG) is a "Community Driven" IT Professional and Developer Users Group. The Gold Coast is a South Florida Community that spans the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Metropolitan areas. GCUG is the original and longest running IT Professional and Developer Users Group in this Community and has been instrumental in helping start many other Users Groups for over 23 years.

Machine Learning(ML) 101 with Azure ML Studio and R with SQL Server 2016

By Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director

August 11th at 6PM NSU in Davie

Joe gives an introduction to working with Machine Learning with both Azure ML Studio and the R Language that is now integrated into SQL Server 2016. Azure ML Studio incorporates a visual method to generate ML model integration into apps such as Power BI, while R is a statistical programming language that can call ML Models and is integrated into SQL Server 2016 TSQL. Joe will compare and contrast the two approaches to ML integration and also show how they can be complimentary.

Business Intelligence – The State of the Art by Joe Homnick

SQL Saturday on June 18th at Nova
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Join Joe on a fun and informative session on the current state of Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) offerings. We will look at the array of tooling around BI in SQL Server 2016, Power BI and Cortana Intelligence. There have been major changes in reporting and cognitive data source capabilities the last few months. This session will get you caught up on your current BI possibilities with many dazzling demos, including delivering a self-service BI Solution through HoloLens!

SharePoint 2016 RTM New Features by Joe Homnick

SharePoint 2016 RTM New Features by Joe Homnick
March 24 at 6PM in Microsoft Fort Lauderdale Office
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Join Joe for a review of what’s coming in SharePoint 2016. There were several moments of doubts surrounding its release, however, we now have Release! "Born from the Cloud" means something to Microsoft, not to mention how users will look at not only the available features but the evolving roadmap of SharePoint. Whether a decision maker, developer, IT Pro of power user, this presentation will provide the attendee with actionable insight on what can be lost or gained, and the strategies to determine whether or not SharePoint Server is the right choice for your business.

Food and drink (including adult beverages) will be served

Business Intelligence updates in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 by Joe Homnick

April 6 at 6PM in Microsoft Fort Lauderdale Office
Co-meeting with South Florida SQL Server Users Group

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Join Joe to get an overview of the new capabilities and innovations specific to Business Intelligence in the upcoming release of SQL Server 2016. He will cover details of the new features added in SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services. Joe will also provide a look ahead outlining Microsoft's future plans for BI capabilities beyond SQL Server 2016.

IoT with Raspberry Pi, Windows 10, Cortana Analytics Suite and Power BI

By Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director
Florida.Net @ Cendyn Spaces in Boca Raton Jan 19 6:30pm RSVP
SoFla CodeCamp at Nova University Feb 20 RSVP 

Joe is doing a Hands-on session showing how to setup a Raspberry Pi with Windows 10 and then capture sensor data to Cortana Analytics and Power BI. He will walk you through deploying a Universal Windows App to the Raspberry Pi that will capture sensor data and send that data to a Cortana Analytics Event Hub. Cortana Stream Analytics then picks up that sensor data from the Event Hub and delivers it to a real time Power BI Dashboard. Come join Joe for an informative and fun session.

Power BI and Cortana Analytics Suite

By Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director

November 11, 6PM at Nova Southeastern University (Carl DeSantis Building)
Joint meeting with Microsoft Business Intelligence User Group of South Florida

If you are asking these types of questions when doing strategic planning in your business, then Cortana Analytics and Power BI can help.

  • How much will our profit go up if we merge with company XYZ?

  • What are the best ways to take advantage of cross-selling to our customers?

  • What is the Social Media impact to our product strategy?

  • How can we detect fraud before it happens?

  • How can we gain operational efficiency in powering our buildings?

  • Is everyone in your supply chain pulling in the same direction?

Power BI and Cortana Analytics Suite is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite that transforms your data into intelligent action. 

Joe will show you see how Power BI and Cortana Analytics, implements years of Microsoft research and innovation – spanning technology & infrastructure for advanced analytics. Capabilities demoed include machine learning, big data storage and processing in the cloud and Dashboards and Visualization with Power BI. This results in helping enterprise customers make better, faster decisions to accelerate their speed of business.

Programming for the Microsoft Edge Browser

by Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director

September 23 Microsoft Office Fort Lauderdale 5pm

September 29 Miami Microsoft Innovation Center 5PM

Subway box sandwiches provided


Join Joe to see how you can make your Web Development efforts compatible with the new “super-fast” Microsoft Edge browser, the new default browser for Windows 10. Edge uses a “Modern Web Standards” engine, so come see how to make your HTML/JavaScript/CSS programming effort compatible with Edge and also how to take advantage of its extensibility.


For web developers, Microsoft Edge brings an all new rendering engine, built to be interoperable with the modern web. Microsoft Edge is a clean break from the past focusing on interoperability with modern web standards and browsers so you can write modern markup once for all browsers. Microsoft Edge and its new engine will be updated as a service with Windows 10, so you can be sure that everyone browsing your site or using your web app with Microsoft Edge is always on the same page.

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AzureCon 2015 Viewing Party

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EDT)

Miami Microsoft Innovation Center

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Hear it first from the minds behind Azure.
Hosted by Homnick Systems, the afternoon will be a drill down on what is the latest and greatest in Microsoft Azure. We will have expert local analysis and streamed virtual content from senior Microsoft executives, Azure engineers, community members and thought leaders including:

  • Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise

  • Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise

  • Bill Staples, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise

  • Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure

Local hosts and speakers

  • Joe Homnick, Microsoft Regional Director

  • Adnan Cartwright, Azure MVP

  • Joe Raio, Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist

  • David Crook, Microsoft Technical Evangelist DX

Come enjoy lunch and catch up with the latest and greatest on Azure while networking with your fellow IT Pros and Developers

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SQL Server 2016 and Azure Database New Features

by Joe Homnick, CPA and Microsoft Regional Director

Joint Meeting with South Florida SQL Servers Users Group

September 2 at 6:30pm at Microsoft Fort Lauderdale Office


Come join Joe, who is a Microsoft Certified Database Professional, as he delves into SQL Server 2016 new features.

SQL Server 2016 delivers breakthrough mission-critical capabilities with in-memory performance and operational analytics built-in. Comprehensive security features like new Always Encrypted technology help protect your data at rest and in motion, and a world-class high availability and disaster recovery solution adds new enhancements to AlwaysOn technology.

Organizations will gain deeper insights into all of their data with new capabilities that go beyond business intelligence to perform advanced analytics directly within their database and present rich visualizations for business insights on any device.

You can also gain the benefits of hyper-scale cloud with new hybrid scenarios enabled by new Stretch Database technology that lets you dynamically stretch your warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure in a secured way so your data is always at hand for queries, no matter the size. In addition, SQL Server 2016 delivers a complete database platform for hybrid cloud, enabling you to easily build, deploy and manage solutions that span on-premises and cloud.


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